22/09/2016 - Day 2 of "Life is Beautiful" found this chapel on the way to downtown LA.

22/09/2016 - Goodbye San Francisco hello Las Vegas. Spent the day traveling to LA with connecting flight to Vegas. We were nearly 2hrs late for wind. Made it safely to the Hotel Circus Circus. Enjoyed an all you can eat buffet for dinner and then slept it off.

21/09/2016 - Big Party last night had to get up early to make the Ferry to make it to Napa Valley. Met some wonderful people on this wine tour. Met some retirees that enjoying the life. As I mentioned its easy to have friends harder to find traveling companions. And we also had the chance to share a newlywed couples day on their honeymoon. Congratz lots of love enjoy your travels.

20/09/2016 - Today had to catch the flight to San Francisco. Checked into the hostel went straight to check out the breweries this city has to offer. But first found this street on my way to the brewery. This on is for you Jessie.